Donation Drive

September 19 - 30

The PTA’s No Sell Fall Donation Drive is one of only two fundraisers the Clayton PTA has each school year. 100% of all monies raised directly benefit the students at Clayton. The deadline is Friday, September 30. You can login in to our online store and DONATE ONLINE or download the Clayton PTA Donation Form and return it to school by September, 30. Donations are tax deductible and may be eligible for corporate matching. Download the Corporate Matching Donation Form and return it to school by September 30.

Every year the PTA spends ~$60 per Clayton student in support of...

Direct curriculum support & extensions not covered by the district, such as classroom subscriptions, literacy library, & SOAR

Direct teacher support including $200 stipend per teacher, professional development, & staff appreciation events

Educating the whole child through programs such as CARE Club, Book Exchange, Science Fair, Cultural Celebration, Reflections, & Summer Library

Major classroom technology purchases and maintenance

Clayton Elementary Teachers Give Thanks! from Clayton Elem PTA on Vimeo.

Clayton Elementary Teachers Give Thanks! from Clayton Elem PTA on Vimeo.

The student’s family name is placed on the “donation wall” in appreciation.

Each class that reaches 85% participation will receive a popsicle party on the playground

When we reach our goal of 75% school wide participation there will be a SUPER celebration!


There seem to be a lot of fundraisers. Why is that?

The PTA only has two fundraisers every year: Fall Donation Drive and Spring ‘Fun Run’ Carnival.
The School is having just one fundraiser this year: Silent Auction during the ‘Fun Run’.
Art Department: Original Works Drive
Library: Fall & Spring Book Fair
PE: Track & Field Day
Music: Choir & Grade Level Music Programs

I joined the PTA and paid my dues already! Where does that fee go? PTA dues go to national and state PTA to provide support. A small portion goes to Nan Clayton Elementary PTA. The average funds collected in a year is approximately $1,250, which pays for basic PTA administrative needs.

Is my donation tax deductible? What about receipts? Yes. Clayton PTA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Online donors receive an electronic receipt and cash/check donors will receive a paper receipt.

Can grandparents, friends and neighbors participate? Yes! They can DONATE ONLINE or fill out the Clayton PTA Donation Form by Friday, September 30 too. Let them know that 100% of the money benefits the students.

Do you accept matches from my company? Absolutely! Check with your HR department. Be sure to start early; the process can take a while. Our tax ID # is available on request - contact

What does PTA pay for? Reflections Art Program, cultural celebration, Teacher Appreciation, Summer library, field trips, teacher supplies, Accelerated Reader program, SOAR, outdoor learning programs, library books, technology, school beautification and much more! Check it out on the PTA Budget webpage.

Why are we not selling something like ‘cookie dough’? In past years, the ‘No Sell’ donation drive has been very successful. We realize that most parents are busy and we don’t want to burden anyone with extra work, so there is no need to go door to door selling and distributing. Best of all 100% goes back to the school!

What if I have suggestions on what I’d like the PTA to do with the money? Every PTA member has a voice! Please come to our general PTA meetings and give us ideas on how you’d like to see the money spent. And if that doesn’t fit into your schedule, email Clayton PTA President, Emily Cannata at with your thoughts. Feel free to share your ideas with other board members too! Additionally a suggestion box is located in the front office.

What is our goal?

75% school wide participation. It only takes $1 to participate.

For questions about the Donation Drive, please contact Ashley Hight at