Special Areas: Art, Music, P.E., & the Library

Clayton Library

Contact: Dana Sposeep, dana.sposeep@austinisd.org

Clayton's Nook Books - Clayton now has Nooks, funded by a special grant. Click for the list for the titles (as of 2/6/14). If you have a 2nd through 5th grader and have not turned in a form so that your child can check out a Nook, please turn in the required Student/Parent Use Agreement form.

P.E. Department

Physical Education (P.E.) is taught on a 3-day rotation with art and music to students in grades K-5. Students will participate in a variety of activities in accordance with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. We look forward to teaching your child an assortment of sports skills along with cooperation and good sportsmanship. Please see this flyer for more information.

On the agenda for the current nine weeks is cooperative games, locomotor skills, and throwing and catching. In addition to our skill units, we will also cover the following health topics: nutrition and cardiovascular functions. We will be starting our FitnessGram testing in PE class for 3rd-5th graders. Parents can request their child's FitnessGram results at the end of the school year. Contact: Shay Wilkerson, shay.wilkerson@austinisd.org.

Music Department

Performance Day in Music Class - the students will have a performance day during their regular music time. This will be Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday depending on which day your child attends music.

Ideas for performance day:

Play a song on an instrument they have learned (no making up songs on the spot please). This could include piano, guitar, accordion, recorder, violin, cello, etc. Sing a song they have practiced. Dance to a song that is prepared ahead of time. Show and tell about an instrument they do not play (e.g., grandpa’s old trumpet)

Other ideas might include:
Jump rope, Tell jokes, Gymnastics (we will have a mat), Hula hoop, Karate, Perform a short drama (skit), Juggle, etc.

We also ask that the performance be limited to 2 minutes to allow all class members an opportunity to perform. We hope your child will want to participate but it is not required. This will in no way affect your child’s grade. It is just a time to share with the other students in their classroom. (This is not a contest) We also ask that parents do not attend unless they are part of the performance. Questions? Contact: Kristina Bishop and Barry Nunnelee, Clayton Music Teachers.

Art Department Contact: Nancy Hallmark, nancy.hallmark@austinisd.org.